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Influenced by the writing of Robert Creeley, I write in minimal style to emphasize elemental force. Martial arts and religion impact my poetry. I grew up near the Colorado Rockies, and went to college in Southern Colorado. Before I left my home state, two poets and a fiction writer helped me to see deeper into words. Poet Toni Moffeitt demonstrated the use of atmosphere and rhythm in poetry. Poet and Professor Ronald Whitsitt prompted me to reach into the subconscious for material. And novelist Anita McAndrews showed me the depth of poetry.

Poetry has appeared in Spindrift, Drash, Cirque, RED OCHRE LiT, The Montucky Review, Curbside Quotidian, Orion headless, Neglected Ratio, The Rainbow Rose, Subliminal Interiors, Carcinogenic Poetry, vox poetica, Jellyfish Whispers, and Dead Snakes.